Swiss Rucksack

Swiss Rucksack


We have always been fascinated with the pragmatism, durability and design of military items, in particular those produced by the Swiss Army. This backpack pays homage to just that.

The Swiss Rucksack is made from 20oz. waterproof waxed cotton canvas, renowned for its robustness. The straps are inspired by the Swiss ergonomic system adopted in WWII and are made from 3mm thick Spanish full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. You can adjust the size of the straps by using the iron buckles provided.

The canvas we use complies with military specifications, meaning that the backpack weighs only 1kg. Inside you will find a waxed cotton pocket.

You can also personalize your Swiss Rucksack with your initials or name.

Average load size: length 26 cm - width 12 cm - height 42 cm.

Full load size: length 26 cm - width 12 cm - height 60 cm.

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