Oficio Studio is the creation of Melina and David.

Their story began when Melina chanced upon David’s bike shop and entered to ask about fixing the chain guard on her Dutch bike, but David was more taken with Melina and her choice of leather handbag than the broken chain guard.

  - ‘Nice bag,’ he said.

  - ‘Thanks, I made it myself…’ she said. But that wasn’t entirely true, Melina was just beginning to learn the art of leatherwork and unbeknown to her David had once owned a bag making factory.

  - ‘The leather is beautiful,’ said David.

Melina knew it was. She moved from Mexico to Spain for that very reason: to search for her primary material of choice, vegetable-tanned leather. She has always been fascinated with classic leather bags and began learning the old world craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to detail, by deconstructing her own bags in order to create her first patterns. Little did she know that this chance meeting with David would lead to the making of her first design, Anita Doctors Bag.

They’ve been inseparable ever since and together created this workshop to revive longstanding traditions. It allows them to live and work together doing what they love best. The harmony of their talents is reflected in their ability to mix stories, personalities, concepts, bikes and leather bags in one unique and beautiful space.