ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, AD Spain, Issue 102, May 2015.


Aman el cuero, la artesanía y el diseño. David y Melina, el alma de Oficio Studio fusionan vida y trabajo en un amplio piso-taller de finales del XIX en Madrid. 

MONOCLE MAGAZINE, Issues 86, September 2015.


When a husband-and-wife team decided to transform their apartment behind Madrid’s Paseo de Prado into a space in which they could live and work, little did they know that the project would provide so much comfort.

OPENHOUSE MAGAZINE, Issue 4, October 2015.


The story of Melina Carranza and David Iglesias is like an screenplay with all the ingredients for box-office success: a girls goes to fix her bike at boy’s workshop, they talk about the leather products that he sells for bikes, of her desire to learn pattern-making to make leather handbags, and so begins a love story. To top it off they find only a few meters away, a place to live and work together in the centre of Madrid.


In the heart of Madrid, in the middle of the triangle know as Paseo del Arte, stands a building that has been there for centuries. Neglected for years, it has received a new lease on life from Melina Carranza and David Iglesias. The two now live and work there together, accompanied by their dog and surrounded by a striking assorment of plants.

EXCELENTE, Iberia business class magazine, January 2017.

Melina Carranza dejó México en 2009 para mudarse a España en busca de cuero de curtición artesanal y conoció a David Iglesias cuando éste trabajaba en su tienda de restauración de bicicletas antiguas Dale Pedales. Sus intereses comunes les animaros a colaborar, y en 2012 fundaron la marca Oficio Studio que se ha convertido en un referente de los artesanos independiente que trabajan la piel.