This post is not about leather...It´s about wood!

The wood originally belonged to Vicente Marquez Curtidos, one of the oldest Leather Warehouses in Madrid. The wooden planks were part of the workshop floor that was used to make the leather briefcases for Iberia pilots, postmans mailbags and thousands upon thousands of military cases throughout the twentieth century, among many other things. Sadly, this establishment, like many others, has closed down, yet I have been fortunate enough to take a little piece of it´s history to my new workshop...

Oficio_Taking_nails_outSalvaged woodOficio_Working-on-new-flooring

OFICIO has moved to a larger and brighter space, which is also filled with beautifully restored bikes! Over the past fours days we have worked tirelessly to lay a wooden floor with the salvaged wood from the old warehouse. I hope you like the finished result, and my new workshop, as much as I do... You can visit me now at c/Verónica 15, Madrid.