Oficio & DecorAcción 2012

September has been a crazy month for OFICIO! The workshop floor is covered with leather cutoffs and scraps that have become the only way for me to tell how far along I am. The hard work was due to a special event, which takes place once a year and is called DecorAcción. It´s basically an opportunity for famous decorators to showcase their work by creating an outdoor display for a paticular shop or restaurant. There was also a lovely market organized by the principal antique dealers based in Madrid, which offered visitors an array of beautiful goods. OFICIO shared centre stage with Lola Foseca's handpainted silk scarves, but after the first day Anita grew tired of being admired and decided to take a look around. We´ve been told by reliable sources that she was seen visiting the stand of Madrid in LoveVa De Retro and even riding a bike at Dale Pedales shop! I think she was looking for a potential owner to rescue her from the workshop.


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