OFICIO @Lineapelle (Bologna, 2012)

I've wanted to visit Lineapelle since I began working with leather. The figures speak for themselves:

- 40,700 m² - 19,000 visitors - 1120 sales stands

It´s the biggest leather work exhibition in the world and represents more than 44 countries! For obvious reasons I had difficulty finding somewhere to stay when my host cancelled unexpectedly; I had just arrived in Bologna.

The VERY last minute panic was more than worthwhile as I came face to face with the largest selection of ironworks, leather and tools that I had ever seen. It was an incredible experience and I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people. I would like to personally thank those that made everything possible in the end...

Thanks to Carlos, Anibal, Fidel and Yaya for their hospitality and entertainment. I hope to see you all soon in Madrid!... Ohh yes!, and thanks to Minako and Pablo for their lovely homemade sandwiches!