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Nature can be used to solve many modern day problems, which is why we are seeing a new generation of entrepreneurs designing products that aim to reconnect us with the outdoors. This is the idea behind Trasmonte and their "Rudo y Noble" line of products for work and enjoyment. They choose good materials and excellent crafters to bring their products to life. We were very honored to be invited to collaborate with them and other artisans on the first product from their collection, the axes. You can see their story and the part we play by watching the video below.

New and definitive OFICIO´s workshop.

Spring came with this surprise: An abandoned studio that was once used by a painter and had been unoccupied for years! We spent Summer and Autumn fixing it up, which meant lots of general handiwork and cleaning to make it OFICIO’s new and definitive workshop. Now, we´re ready to work on new projects and collaborations with friends that we’ll share with you shortly… But for now, I wanted to share the before and after photos so you can see the results for yourselves. Let me know what you think!



Oficio @ Festibal con B de Bici.

Oficio, in collaboration with Dale Pedales, took part in the Festibal with B for Bike last May 18th. The event was held at Plaza Matadero in Madrid with the aim of promoting the use of bikes throughout the city. We created two beautiful bicycle panniers for the occasion, one of which can also be used as a rucksack. The overall idea being to combine our love of leather with our love of bikes, and we hope to produce more bike-related accessories in the near future that are stylish as well as functional.

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The panniers are available from our online shop: http://dalepedales.myshopify.com/

This post is not about leather...It´s about wood!

The wood originally belonged to Vicente Marquez Curtidos, one of the oldest Leather Warehouses in Madrid. The wooden planks were part of the workshop floor that was used to make the leather briefcases for Iberia pilots, postmans mailbags and thousands upon thousands of military cases throughout the twentieth century, among many other things. Sadly, this establishment, like many others, has closed down, yet I have been fortunate enough to take a little piece of it´s history to my new workshop...

Oficio_Taking_nails_outSalvaged woodOficio_Working-on-new-flooring

OFICIO has moved to a larger and brighter space, which is also filled with beautifully restored bikes! Over the past fours days we have worked tirelessly to lay a wooden floor with the salvaged wood from the old warehouse. I hope you like the finished result, and my new workshop, as much as I do... You can visit me now at c/Verónica 15, Madrid.


Developing new {oficio} prototypes

Sometimes you bump into talented people by chance and an amazing idea becomes reality. This is the story of the day I met Andres at a random party, he is a film maker living in London and he decided to help me share the story of OFICIO by shooting a video about me developing a leather bag prototype in my tiny workshop in Madrid. A huge thanks to Andres for producing this video. You can see more of his work as a filmaker by clicking here.


On a cold, Sunday afternoon, a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with Andoni Sola, a fashion photographer that has worked with many trend-setting publications. He agreed to photograph Anita, so we mounted the perfect still-life studio in her honour. The idea was to create an image with a strong rustic and nostalgic character. We collected bits and bobs from a local park and together with Andoni´s lightening technique the result was pretty amazing...



Check out Andoni´s page to see more of his incredible work:


Better late than never... Happy 2013!

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday!
Personally, 2012 has been amazing. I can say that I ´ve learned more about the world and myself in the last year than in the previous five! But I believe odd numbers are even luckier, so I´m sure that 2013 will bring all of us more experiences, challenges, good company and new exciting projects. I would also like to say a special thank you to all my lovely customers and friends for their support and patience over the last year. I promise there is more to come!

A trip to the Tannery.

OFICIO bags are made from Spanish leather, which is renowned for its longlasting quality. The video below offers a unique glimpse into the leather industry; the Atienza Tannery located in Villaramiel, Palencia were kind enough to let us film them at work for a day. Take a look at the processes involved and the beautiful finished product. A huge thanks to Miguel for shooting and editing the short film as well as for driving me to a remote part of Spain in order to capture the adventure. You can see more of his work as a promotional filmaker by clicking here.

OFICIO @Lineapelle (Bologna, 2012)

I've wanted to visit Lineapelle since I began working with leather. The figures speak for themselves:

- 40,700 m² - 19,000 visitors - 1120 sales stands

It´s the biggest leather work exhibition in the world and represents more than 44 countries! For obvious reasons I had difficulty finding somewhere to stay when my host cancelled unexpectedly; I had just arrived in Bologna.

The VERY last minute panic was more than worthwhile as I came face to face with the largest selection of ironworks, leather and tools that I had ever seen. It was an incredible experience and I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people. I would like to personally thank those that made everything possible in the end...

Thanks to Carlos, Anibal, Fidel and Yaya for their hospitality and entertainment. I hope to see you all soon in Madrid!... Ohh yes!, and thanks to Minako and Pablo for their lovely homemade sandwiches!


Oficio & DecorAcción 2012

September has been a crazy month for OFICIO! The workshop floor is covered with leather cutoffs and scraps that have become the only way for me to tell how far along I am. The hard work was due to a special event, which takes place once a year and is called DecorAcción. It´s basically an opportunity for famous decorators to showcase their work by creating an outdoor display for a paticular shop or restaurant. There was also a lovely market organized by the principal antique dealers based in Madrid, which offered visitors an array of beautiful goods. OFICIO shared centre stage with Lola Foseca's handpainted silk scarves, but after the first day Anita grew tired of being admired and decided to take a look around. We´ve been told by reliable sources that she was seen visiting the stand of Madrid in LoveVa De Retro and even riding a bike at Dale Pedales shop! I think she was looking for a potential owner to rescue her from the workshop.


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As the title suggests, I am trying to find her...

We met in Madrid while she was on holiday and discovered that we shared the same passion for handcrafted leather goods, she fell in love with OFICIO and what it stands for and asked me to send her the model I was actually working on when finished…

But I guess things that are not meant to be lost have a mind of their own, like the little piece of paper I had written Anita´s contact details on! I prefer to think it grew legs and ran away.

Now I’m left with a lonely bag whose owner might never be found. I have since named the model Anita  since she believed in my labour of leatherwork, with any luck I will be able to reunite the two!

If you like what you see please feel free to contact me regarding how to buy your very own Anita bag.



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